More Testimonials


Harsin Energy Services has literally changed my families quality of living in a matter of 48 hours!! Hands down best experience from start to finish!!! We ve been dealing with super high energy bills and our A/C just can t keep up with the heat advisories we get during the month of August here in Texas. After dealing with this for 6 years, we finally started doing some research and came across Harsin Energy. Mr. Harsin came out and did a thorough assessment and offered the best ways he thought would effectively keep our bills down and keep us comfortable-all at a surprisingly LOW cost. They started the very next day and had super nice, hard working gentlemen on his crew! They always asked me to check out their work upon completion and treated me with the utmost respect and kindness! I couldn t have asked for a better experience! Call Harsin Energy Services- they are the absolute best!!


Their service was prompt; in fact, the next day. They were on time and completed the insulation job completed in a reasonable time frame. Months later I did find an area that wasn’t covered. I called and the next day they came back to make things right. In my opinion, this makes them even more credible.


As a Controller of Accounting, working with Mike and his Insulation Techs was very professional and a great value. Not only adding value to the house but reducing my heating/cooling bills. They were quick, clean, and explained everything i needed to upgrade and what they were doing. thanks guys.


We met with several suppliers, reviewed quotes and chose Mike because he was friendly, knowledgeable, and straightforward. I also liked that he was a local and a small business owner.

He and his team were very easy to deal with, clean, polite, punctual and did everything agreed and a bit more. The insulation and improvements have made a noticeable difference in how comfortable the house is in weather extremes – there are no variances in temperature between rooms now. I’d highly recommend Mike & Co to everyone and will use him again.


One visit for quote, one visit for install. His crew did a good job on our home. Easy peasy.


Mike was extremely gracious and knowledgeable providing a second opinion related to a repair quotes I received from another contractor. Would definitely work with Harsin Energy when the chance comes along.


Mike is a good dude who does solid, honest work. He goes above and beyond the typical contractor. His work will save you money.


Mike and his crew did an excellent job. My home is about 2200 sq ft. After adding insulation my mid summer bills went from the $480 range down to around $250. I have not changed my thermostat setting but my home feels several degrees cooler. Pretty clear to see that the insulation will pay for itself and is the most cost effective way to lower your energy bill.


Mike and his team showed up on time, were very professional and did a great job. They did a great job of taking care to not track on our carpet and clean up at the end of the job. We were extremely pleased with their work.


Harsin Energy Services is Excellent. My house is four levels and keeping upstairs cool is difficult. Last summer we could not get upstairs under 83-84 with ac on it was miserable. Since we got radiant barrier, additional insulation and solar fans in attic it is total difference. So much cooler. Yesterday is was 84 outside and upstairs was 73 with on ceiling fans on. We haven’t turned ac on yet. I can’t wait to see the savings in our electric bill Mikes crew were professional and efficient. Mike was so helpful to show us the issues and what we needed to do I would highly recommend this company it has greatly resolved our issues I only wish we would have done it sooner. Radiator barrier is the greatest! Don’t wait until summer contact Mike now he stays booked up here’s to a cool summer.


Mike and his crew did a wonderful job adding insulation to my attic. They were very puctual and cleaned up after they were finished with the job. I would highly recommend Harsin Energy Services.