Energy Audits

Get an Energy Audit in Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas

You can work with an insulation specialist today to get a Dallas energy audit. Whether it’s the winter time and you’re using your energy to heat up the home or it’s summertime and the AC needs to be turned up, anytime is a good time for an energy audit.

We don’t really audit energy systems so much as the house and ductwork
We find that homes can save their energy bills by 25% every year and will often find savings of up to 50% on energy bills.

Where is the risk in checking on your energy systems? Some people are hesitant to call up a service technician or an insulation Dallas TX company because they think they’ll be strong-armed into a decision. They’ve heard horror stories of other contractors like plumber and electricians quoting thousands of dollars of work. Then when the customer calls a couple other plumbers and electricians, they are quoted way less. The confusion and skepticism can cause customers to be overly cautious and nervous to work with contractors. It doesn’t matter what the trade is!

Please know that with Harsin Energy Services, we never want to take advantage of you. In fact, the entire reason why we’re in business is to help you save money for several years to come! Again, by improving your insulation and the energy efficiency energy systems in your home, you could save up to 50% on your home energy bills. This is real. You can go onto Homeadvisor or Google or Angie’s List to find over 150, 5-star reviews about our business and how we’ve been immensely helpful to our customers.

Just picture the potential savings. The average electric bill can range from $75 per month down in New Mexico and as high as $160 per month in Hawaii. You can check the statistics here. Unfortunately in the state of Texas, we are rated as the 7th most expensive energy bill in the United States. Our average electricity bill is $130 per month and that’s average. That means the price can fluctuate higher and lower for homes.

Average electricity i hear from customers is more like $150 to $500
If you were to save just 30% on a $130 per month energy bill, that would chop your monthly bill down to $91 per month, saving you $39 per month! That could go to funding your monthly internet bill and your gym memberships! You could also save those $39 per month to fund your annual Christmas shopping with $468 at the end of each year. It saves you big time to investigate your property’s energy usage.

What’s Our Energy Audit?

With our energy audits, we cover eight areas of focus. We find that these eight areas are the most crucial and will reveal to us telling signs about your home’s inefficiency in energy. For full transparency about our process, here’s what these eight steps look like:

1. Determining Your R-Value

The first thing our insulation Dallas TX experts will review is your insulation. The first thing we’ll investigate is the R-value of your property Home. This simple value lets us know your home’s thermal resistance. Basically, if your home is rated at a higher R-value, then your home is more efficiently insulating itself against the heat and elements. What we’ve found is most homes run under-insulated, meaning there isn’t enough insulation to protect the home. The home could also be using insulation Dallas TX that isn’t thick or dense enough to truly be valuable.

2. Evaluate Ventilation

Air has got to come from somewhere right? Through your ventilation, your home is being refreshed with the essential fresh air that it needs. It not only does that, but proper ventilation will do things like remove excess humidity, hot air, carbon monoxide and other pollutants from your home. We go here next because if your ventilation isn’t adequately removing the hot air from your home, that could explain why your insulation Dallas TX doesn’t seem to be performing as well as it should.
Ventilation is for the attic not the home. A home does need about 3 air changes per hour, but that works out with people opening and closing the doors and leaks in the home. But we don’t want those air changes coming from the attic (bad air)

3. Do You Need a Radiant Barrier?

In the hot summers of Texas, great homes need radiant barriers. New construction permits actually require homes to use radiant barriers. It’s essentially a highly reflective surface that surrounds your roof interior. Its purpose is to reduce the costs of cooling in your home by reducing the heat build up in the attic and then entering the home. This is another pivotal aspect of our great insulation Dallas TX that we can solve for you.

With radiant barriers and our other energy efficient solutions, we’ll have your home 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the warmer.


4. Inspect Air Ducts, Plenums & Air Handlers

This could be a big kicker in your energy efficiency. We’ve found that over 90% of homes are working with heating and air leaks in places like air ducts, air handlers and plenums. By suffering from an air leak, that air is not circulating appropriately in your home and will release more hot air than you would like in your home. Proper ductwork and ventilation massively helps your insulation Dallas TX. If the return air has the equivalent of a 1 sq inch hole, it is the same as having a 30 sq inch hole in your ceiling when unit is running

5. Inspect Ductwork for Mold, Dust and Other Contaminants

Mold in the home causes many problems. People’s health could greatly be at risk is there’s unfound mold growing and infesting in your ventilation. That’s why it’s actually quite important to check your ductwork once a year. This is especially true with families that have a tendency to suffer from respiratory problems. By getting your insulation Dallas TX checked, you could not only be saving hundreds of dollars per year, but you could also save your loved ones a lot of headaches.

6. Analyze Indoor Air Quality

The EPA has accumulated some pretty shocking facts about the powerful health problems that come from poor air quality. In fact, the EPA ranks Indoor Air Quality as the 5th leading cause of health problems in the United States. Do you know how many other things can cause health problems in the world? And indoor air quality is in the top five!? That should turn some heads and cause people like you to dial the phone for Harsin Energy Services.

7. Inspect Air Infiltration

Air can leak through the home in more ways that you might imagine. Did you know you could lose air efficiency in your electrical and plumbing systems? These systems go in and out of your insulation Dallas TX, and if they aren’t sealed properly, those are hot spots for hot air to seep through. You’ve also got doorways, windows and attic spaces. We’ve seen that “Air Infiltration” can account for up to 40% of the heating/cooling cost associated with your home.

8. Check for Miscellaneous Areas of Concern

Got water stains in your home? How about rodent activity throughout the airways or inside the insulation Dallas TX of your home? Or maybe a part of your duct is crushed or un-insulated? All these areas and much more require fixing in order for you to see up to 50% savings on your energy bills.

What Do You Have to Lose?

Again, what do you have to lose? Our energy audits take less than an hour and it could result in you saving hundreds of dollars every year. With statistics that show that Americans have less than $500 saved in their bank account, THIS COULD LITERALLY DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS IN ONE YEAR. Please call us today at (903) 268-5500 or fill out a form on our website for us to call you. We’ll be happy to help you with anything we can.