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Spray Foam Insulation Dallas is Great!

Spray Foam Insulation Dallas 1 Getting great spray foam insulation Dallas for your home helps protect your home’s temperature from the elements. With hot air trying to make you sweat and sleep uncomfortably, to cold air making you dress like an Eskimo into your home, this is an important detail. Oftentimes, it’s done haphazardly and isn’t given the attention necessary. If your insulation is poorly installed, it can also cause your home to spend great amounts of energy to keep it warm or cold. This should cause alarm because that leads to more money being spent on your home energy bills.

With Harsin Energy Services, we’re able to help save you up to 50% on your home energy bills. For any spray foam insulation Dallas needs, or whatever home energy needs you to have, please feel free to call us today or fill out a form on our contact page. We’ll be happy to help you out.


Open Cell or Closed Cell Foam?

When discussing open versus closed-cell foam, it comes down to the amount of air and circulation is allowed in the foam. By cells, we’re referring to the actual bubbles that make up the foam. So an “open-cell foam” is given its name because the cells are open, causing the foam to actually be softer and more flexible. With “closed cell foam”, the cells are encapsulated and are less malleable. This means that air and moisture can’t protrude from the cells, therefore providing a thicker type of insulation. As you’ll continue to find out, there isn’t really a “better” type of spray foam insulation Dallas. It’s dependent on what’s really needed for the home we’re working in.

Key Terms and Ratings for Spray Foam Insulation Dallas

To understand the differences in what’s needed to get your home affordably more efficient, we need to discuss some important key terms in the foam and insulation world.



As I’m sure you can guess, the density of the spray foam insulation Dallas helps really determine how thick and resistant that foam is. If you’ve got some weak foam that’s too open and isn’t molding together in your home, then your insulation won’t do you any good! You’ve got to work with an insulation company that’s actually got good quality, dense products to use.



This happens with any spray foam insulation Dallas product. Once sprayed, the foam expands out to a certain amount of space. For closed-cell insulation, it typically expands out to 1” thickness. A perk with open-cell insulation is that you really don’t need multiple applications of insulation for standard homes. Open cell insulation expands to 3” thickness. So with open-cell insulation, one coat generally does the trick. You may need to apply two or three coats with closed-cell insulation products.



Likely the most important term for spray foam insulation Dallas, a foam’s r-value is its ability to resist heat flow. When the home is attacked by heatwaves of 100+ degrees, how capable is the insulation at keeping the heated air at bay? With the higher r-value on a product, the better your home will stay insulated, ergo, leaving you with a more preserved home and lower energy bill costs. Closed-cell foams usually carry a 6 r-value per inch of foam, while open-cell foams carry a 3.5 R-value per inch.


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Why Harsin Energy Services is the Best for Spray Foam Insulation Dallas

But you’re not supposed to be the expert at insulation services right? Are you seriously going to be installing the insulation yourself? No of course not! You have a job to work, mouths to feed, and other headaches around the house. You shouldn’t be messing with insulating your home at all! This is something that must be left to the professionals who know what they’re doing with spray foam insulation Dallas.

At Harsin Energy Services, we’ve been the reliable insulation company for the Dallas area. Mike Harsin, the founder, has proudly served in the area and been a super helpful guide for people’s insulation needs. In fact, this leads to one of the best reasons to choose Harsin Energy Services…



Great Reviews

If you take a look at us on Google, you’ll find over 50 people have taken the time to review our business and brag about our services. You’ll find reviews from guys like Don, who spoke about the entire process in his review. From start to finish, he loved working with us. Mark, our office manager, took him by the hand and explained the whole process from A to Z. We then visited his place and came on-time and provided work at a very reasonable rate. The installation team did a great job setting up the insulation too!

You’ll find stories like this whenever you search for Harsin Energy Services. So if you need validation that we’re a great company to work with, we’ve got plenty of it! 


Punctual Projects & Appointments

Does your blood boil whenever you’re looking to get a contractor out to your property and they show up late? Furthermore, isn’t it really annoying whenever they give you a 4-hour window to visit your home for a problem? That’s no way to run an effective, efficient business. That’s why at Harsin Energy Services, we make sure that you’ve got specific, scheduled appointments every single time. We also have our contractors be very timely and on task, with the job so they aren’t lollygagging around. 

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Lifetime Warranty on Insulation & Radiant Barriers

Whenever a company gives a lifetime warranty on their work, you know that it’s some serious products they are selling! Harsin Energy Services knows that we do a great job. That’s why you’ll notice our main no-brainer offer—where we’ll likely save you 50% on your home energy bills. Pending any raccoon or squirrel infestations, we’ll be thrilled to provide you with the tools and guidance to have a home that’s running good as new!