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Energy Audit Analysis

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Are you interested in improving the energy usage efficiency of your home or business?

Does saving money each month knowing that you're also helping out the environment sound appealing?

That is exactly the type of results you can expect after we have performed a comprehensive energy audit on your residence.

An Home Energy Audit Test evaluates the living area of your home, but more importantly, the areas of your home that you don't see; attic, crawl spaces, and the air duct system. Just like your car, your home needs to be inspected and maintained to make sure it is functioning as it should. We now offer several levels of energy audits.

Our 8 Point Home Energy Audit Test Includes:

  1. Evaluate insulation and determine R-value. Most homes are under-insulated.
  2. Evaluate ventilation. Proper ventilation removes hot air, excess humidity, Carbon Monoxide, and other pollutants.
  3. Evaluate the need for a radiant barrier.
  4. Inspect air duct, plenums, and air handler for leaks. About 90% of homes have some type of HVAC air leak.
  5. Inspect duct work for mold, dust, and other contaminants.
  6. Look for indoor air quality issues. The EPA ranks IAQ as the fifth leading causes of health problems in the US.
  7. Look for air infiltration issues, like around doors and windows, openings to the attic, or electrical and plumbing penetrations. Air infiltration can account for 30 to 40% of heating/cooling cost.
  8. Look for anything out of the ordinary, such as water stains, rodent activity, crushed or un-insulated duct.

After the completion of your Home Energy Audit we then go over our findings with you, make recommendations on improvements (no pressure at all) and then we'll give you estimates on things you may be interested in improving.