Ductwork Services

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Unfortunately, up to 90% of homes built before 2007 have some type of duct leakage. This means they are losing conditioned air to the attic and are drawing in hot/cold air through the return. If the return leaks add up to even a one inch hole; that is the equivalent to a 30 inch hole open into your attic every time your unit runs. The returning air is dusty, hot/cold and full of humidity. During the summer, This humid air contains more heat than dry air which makes the air fill warmer to the skin. This makes your home feel hotter than it is. This causes your HVAC has to work harder and costs you money!

Mylar Ductwork, as seen in the above video, was stopped back in the 90's because the heat causes the insulation layers to separate from the actual tubing that carries the cool or warm air into your home. This produces a loss of temperature, causing your heating and cooling unit to work much harder to bring the air temperature to the desired setting.

If Mylar Ductwork is present in your home, you need to have it replaced. You could be losing hundreds or possibly thousands each year in wasted energy consumption.

The above improvements will pay for themselves over time and are the most relevant to Comfort and Energy savings.

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