Are Dangerous Bacteria Breeding in Your Attic?

Are Dangerous Bacteria Breeding in Your Attic?

Protect your home in the Dallas & Plano, TX area with attic sanitizing services

Replacing your home's insulation is an excellent way to reduce energy expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, removing old insulation can uncover hazardous animal waste. That's why Harsin Energy Services offers attic sanitizing services in Dallas, TX and Dallas County.

Keep your home free from dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella. Call 903-268-5500 today to schedule attic sanitizing services.

How does attic decontamination work?

Eliminating viruses and harmful bacteria from your attic requires a professional insulation removal team. Harsin Energy Services will...

  • Expose the sheetrock and studs
  • Remove any animal waste
  • Mist the sheet rock and other surfaces

After the attic decontamination process is complete, we can install new insulation.

Our carefully selected sanitizing chemicals prevent airborne disease from spreading through your home and infecting your family. Don't risk your health. Arrange for an attic decontamination appointment by calling our Dallas, Texas location right away.